Dr. Lara Larson
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Dr. Lara Larson

Grief Counseling

In addition to providing specialized grief counseling for pet loss, I also have experience providing grief counseling for traumatic deaths, including suicide, accidents, miscarriage, as well as for those clients experiencing grief related to abortion and pregnancy termination. Each of these losses have unique characteristics, outcomes, and treatment implications, all of which I can help address through specialized grief therapy. Depending on the client's needs, I utilize various techniques and provide education about the grief process to facilitate improved coping. I also may use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for certain clients whom I believe would benefit. 

I also assist people through the various other forms of loss we each face in life and for which we grieve. Clients may not realize that they are going through a grieving process, misidentifying emotions as possibly depression, anxiety, or even believing they are stressed and "just" feeling very overwhelmed. At some point a relationship may come to an end, either through separation, divorce, or death. This can have the additional impact of a loss of identity; for example, one might have been a spouse and is now a widow. For years one might have been a caregiver for a loved one and now does not know how to fill their days or how to begin new routines. A person's self-concept is often intimately tied to caring for a loved one, to the degree it becomes part of one's identity. Loss may also take the form of a change in ability or level of independence. Perhaps one can no longer live alone or work at the job they once held. This change can result in the feelings of grief over lost capabilities and a lost future. 

Not all social workers, therapists, or psychologists have training in grief work or are comfortable with the topic. I have the training, experience, as well as the passion for supporting people in their grief. 

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